Transverse drum cutter

Different motor variants available - find more information below
Technical Data

Carrier weight class ¹

10 t - 18 t

Service weight ²

900 kg

Product weight

820 kg

Nominal power

65 kW

Rotation speed

80 rpm

Optimum oil flow ³

120 l/min - 150 l/min

Max. torque @ 350 bar

10 100 Nm

Max. cutting force @ 350 bar

35 100 N

Pick shaft diameter

25 mm

Number of picks

48 pc

Max. oil flow @ 10 bar

170 l/min

Max. operating pressure

350 bar
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment. 
  2. Attachment with standard picks & average-sized adapter plate. 
  3. Various motor variants available per model.


Measurments ER dum cutter

Length of drum cutter (A):        1,130 mm

Width of cutting head (B):         795 mm

Diameter of cutting head (C):   575 mm

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What different models are available?

We have the ER 600-1 and ER 600-2

What is the difference of the motors?

    ER 600-1 ER 600-2
Recommended rotation speed rpm 80 80
Recommended oil flow l/min 120 150
Maximum oil flow at 10 bar l/min 170 170
Maximum operating oil pressure bar 350 350
Torque at 350 bar Nm 8,500 10,100
Cutting force at 350 bar N 29,500 35,100

What is the standard pick for the ER 600?

Round attack pick 

ER 17/64/60/25 Q

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number.: 3311004569



What is the right pick box for the ER 600?

Pick box: PH 600

Part number: 3311003040


How can you fix the picks on the pick box?

Retaining clip

QS 600

Part number: 3311000977


What about additional picks, pick boxes and retainers?

Round attack pick

ER 22/64/60/25 H (self-locking, no retainer needed)

Application: Asphalt, soft and abrasive rock

Part number: 3311004572


Round attack pick

ER 22/65/60/25 C 

Application: Asphalt, soft and abrasive rock

Part number: 3311001506


Round attack pick

ER 17/64/60/25 C

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number: 3311004571


Retaining clip

ES 600

Part number: 3311000988


Round attack pick

ER 19/64/60/25 Q

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number: 3311004570



QS 600

Part number: 3311000977    


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