On this construction site in Munich a gap between two existing buildings will be closed and a new residential building with an automatic underground car park will be constructed. An approx. 8.5 metre deep excavation pit has to be constructed for the underground car park. The material in the ground is gravel or conglomerate. It is so firm that it cannot be torn with an excavator bucket.  Because of the proximity to adjacent buildings, the use of a hydraulic hammer to break out the material is not possible. The resulting vibrations could damage the existing building fabric. The noise pollution would also be too high for the residents. In order to be able to loosen the excavated material, only the use of an excavator mounted milling machine is possible. This also has the advantage that it is possible to mill right up to the walls of the outbuildings without generating vibrations.  An ER 600 is used on a CAT 314 crawler excavator. In this combination, a milling capacity of 12 to 15 cubic metres per hour is achieved with a material strength of 15 to 20 Mpa, whereby the outer walls of the outbuildings have to be milled very carefully.

Transverse drum cutter

Different motor variants available - find more information below
Technical Data

Carrier weight class ¹

10 t - 18 t

Service weight ²

900 kg

Product weight

820 kg

Nominal power

65 kW

Rotation speed

80 rpm

Optimum oil flow ³

120 l/min - 150 l/min

Max. torque @ 350 bar

10 100 Nm

Max. cutting force @ 350 bar

35 100 N

Pick shaft diameter

25 mm

Number of picks

48 pc

Max. oil flow @ 10 bar

170 l/min

Max. operating pressure

350 bar
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment. 
  2. Attachment with standard picks & average-sized adapter plate. 
  3. Various motor variants available per model.


Measurments ER dum cutter

Length of drum cutter (A):        1,130 mm

Width of cutting head (B):         795 mm

Diameter of cutting head (C):   575 mm

All ER drum cutters

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More information about rotary drum cutters

What different models are available?

We have the ER 600-1 and ER 600-2

What is the difference of the motors?

    ER 600-1 ER 600-2
Recommended rotation speed rpm 80 80
Recommended oil flow l/min 120 150
Maximum oil flow at 10 bar l/min 170 170
Maximum operating oil pressure bar 350 350
Torque at 350 bar Nm 8,500 10,100
Cutting force at 350 bar N 29,500 35,100

What is the standard pick for the ER 600?

Round attack pick 

ER 17/64/60/25 Q

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number.: 3311004569



What is the right pick box for the ER 600?

Pick box: PH 600

Part number: 3311003040


How can you fix the picks on the pick box?

Retaining clip

QS 600

Part number: 3311000977


What about additional picks, pick boxes and retainers?

Round attack pick

ER 22/64/60/25 H (self-locking, no retainer needed)

Application: Asphalt, soft and abrasive rock

Part number: 3311004572


Round attack pick

ER 22/65/60/25 C 

Application: Asphalt, soft and abrasive rock

Part number: 3311001506


Round attack pick

ER 17/64/60/25 C

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number: 3311004571


Retaining clip

ES 600

Part number: 3311000988


Round attack pick

ER 19/64/60/25 Q

Application: Concrete, medium hard to hard rock

Part number: 3311004570



QS 600

Part number: 3311000977    


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