ER 1500 drum cutter


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By using the most suitable tool for the job, it is possible to increase performance, reduce costs and become more competitive, even in the toughest applications.


Drum cutters offers a variety of solutions for trenching applications depending on width and depth of trench required. The benefits of drum cutter equipment in trenching are in flexibility, low cost and exact material removal, always depending on the rock hardness.


Standard transverse drum cutters can be fitted with extensions for deep trenching and they can also be used sideways to keep the trench as narrow as possible.


Longitudinal drum cutters used for narrow trenching or for flexibility in shape and direction.


Our cutting wheels are available for extremely narrow and shallow trenches for laying pipes and fibre optic cables.



No two jobsites are alike.
The productivity depends on the material characteristics or rock hardness, the settings and condition of the carrier unit, the technical and wear condition of the attachment and the operator skills, as well as a couple of other factors. The given figures can vary based on different conditions. We reserve the right to change technical data without further notice.