Drum cutter ER 1500

Underwater work

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Underwater Excavating Solutions

Drum cutters can be used to depths of 100 ft (30 m) under water with little or no modifications. They are ideally suited for removing rock from harbours and river beds, repair work in canals and underwater demolition projects.
Provided the drum cutter is well maintained with no leakages from hydraulic connections, and case drain pressure being correct, there is no risk of polluting water with oil. There are no components on a drum cutter that can be damaged while the machine is submerged in water. This makes the drum cutter an ideal and flexible tool for underwater excavating.


No two jobsites are alike.
The productivity depends on the material characteristics or rock hardness, the settings and condition of the carrier unit, the technical and wear condition of the attachment and the operator skills, as well as a couple of other factors. The given figures can vary based on different conditions. We reserve the right to change technical data without further notice.