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We understand that you need to meet deadlines and how important it is to minimise downtime on a job site.  For this reason, in addition to supplying high quality products, we also make every effort to provide a fast and well organised after sales service.  Highly trained, experienced and motivated Service Personnel with well equipped service vehicles look forward to providing assistance on site.

Picks, pick boxes and retaining clips

In addition to alternative design cutter drums, we also offer a large variety of pick types even for unusual applications.  In our range of cutter picks, we have paid special attention to the optimum shape, high quality materials and sustainable quality of the production process. This helps you to keep your consumable costs to a minimum.

Cutting tools for rotary drum cutters


Drum cutter ER 1500 with HATCON

HATCON mounted on a drum cutter ER 1500

HATCON enables next level fleet management by monitoring operating hours, location and service intervals of your tools.


To minimize downtime we can prepare the neccessary parts for the service on time. 

Our Handing-over certificate

The handing-over certificate is an important document for the subsequent processing of warranty claims.


The warranty period starts on the date of handing-over. It is in the interests mainly of the purchaser/user that the original handing-over certificate is in the possession of the manufacturer, Construction Tools GmbH, as without it warranty claims cannot be processed.