Excavator cutting units from Erkat impress at the tram line building site at Berlin central station

The start of building work for the tram line S21 is slightly delayed. An excavator cutting unit from Erkat was used to meet the special building and structural challenges posed by this building site. It impressed with the usual flexibility, low vibration and efficiency – more work with the unit is already planned at the Berlin central station. 

Experienced and established – 2 companies working towards 1 goal

Drum cutter

ER 2000 X

Erkat has been developing excavator cutting units for over 15 years and is established in the worldwide markets and in different application areas thanks to its know-how and innovative approach. The extensive product range can fulfil the requirements of practically any task.

This is why the construction company BTB Group founded in 1990 likes working with the reliable and individually deployable cutter units for the tram line S21 in Berlin. The family-run company includes various different businesses, which combine to form an extremely knowledgeable and reliable partner for demolition, transport, earthworks, recycling and reprocessing of building materials.. With approx. 50 employees, the BTB Group generates a turnover of up to 9.1 million Euro per year and processes approx. 500,000 tonnes of building rubble and concrete.

Ideal working conditions thanks to precise milling technology

Drum Cutter in action

ER 1500 L

In difficult environments in particular, the products from Erkat demonstrate their strengths and robust design. Their individual deployability and easy assembly on conventional excavators are particularly useful here. These advantages are also apparent at the building site at Berlin central station, where the cutter units ER 1500 L and ER 2000 X are currently in use.

The primary task here is the cut through the old concrete and make way for the further building process. The cutter units create small pocket-shaped structures in difficult to access ground. To this end, they cut ridges into the ground and remove part of the material in the process. This creates space for the hydraulic hammer and is the only way for the hammer to find the right point for breaking the concrete ground – an ideal division of work.

The two Erkat cutter units will be in use at the construction site until the end of July. And further deployments are already in planning. 

Effective, economical and sensitive – Erkat impresses

ER 2000 X

Cutter attachment in demolition job

The feedback from the excavator drivers is clear: The Erkat cutter units impress with their power and efficiency. But the low level of vibration is also a key advantage for the challenging working conditions at the Berlin central station. Only small vibrations are created during the cutting process, meaning that no unwanted cracks occur in the surrounding rock formation. The special cutting technology also creates minimal noise, which is better for the workers, as well as the numerous visitors to the train station. 

Maximum performance despite difficult conditions

The first S21 train was due to run on the new track from the central station to Nordring in 2020. But it appears that the opening will have to be postponed due to delays in the building work. The high-quality Erkat cutter units master the difficult working conditions optimally and deliver maximum performance with impressively low-maintenance, flexibility, speed and robust design.

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