Features for the ERC Drum Cutter Range

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Hydraulic rotation

360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handling

Robust housing

Robust housing design with HARDOX wear protection for higher uptime

Higher productivity

Adoptable high torque radial piston motor for higher productivity and motor lifetime


endless hydraulic rotation


Hydraulic swivel joint with maximum oil flow capacity


torque, up to

Heads Overview

More information about the rotation units

Rotation unit

Rotation unit ERU 3

Combining a standard Erkat drum cutter with an ERU rotation unit is a simple procedure. 

¹  at 10 bar

HATCON – A new level of control

Drum cutter with HATCON

ER 1500 with HATCON

HATCON enables next level fleet management by monitoring operating hours, location and service intervals of your tools.


Available for ER 100 –ER 5500

Water spraying system

Drum cutter with water spraying system

ER 2000 with water spraying system

Our water spraying solution comes with a simple idea: to spray the water directly onto the cutting head area so the water is applied at the actual location itself.


Available for ER 40 – ER 5500

Cutting wheel

Drum cutter with cutting wheel

ER 2000 with cutting wheel

For narrow trenches and targeted slots in rock, concrete or asphalt.


Available for ER 50 – ER 3000

● = standard

o = optional upon request        

** = smaler cutting depth upon request

Dust suction hood

Drum cutter with dust suction hood

ER 50 with dust suction hood

For indoor use where water spraying is not possible, we also offer small drum cutter models with a dust suction hood for dry dust collection.


Available for ER 40 – ER 100