Introducing the VC 3000: revolutionizing trenching and rock excavation

February 5, 2024

Erkat's latest innovation, the VC 3000, emerges as a competitor to traditional chain cutters, setting a new standard in trenching and quarrying. This cutting-edge drum cutter boasts a V-shaped design, delivering unparalleled efficiency and significant advantages over its counterparts.
With simplicity at its core, the VC 3000 achieves extraordinary effectiveness, leading to substantial savings in both energy consumption and maintenance time. Unlike expensive solutions that have historically addressed efficiency issues in trenching, Erkat presents an alternative that matches the performance of chain cutters but with remarkable enhancements.

"The VC 3000 introduces a groundbreaking approach to trenching, offering comparable performance to chain cutters with 40% fewer picks and zero need for overhauling. By ingeniously altering the drum angles, we've not only increased uptime and user-friendliness but also managed to reduce investment costs by an impressive 25% compared to traditional chain cutters."

Gordon Hambach ,Head of Strategic Marketing
V cutter 3000 with HexPicks

VC 3000 with HexPicks

The VC 3000 elevates reliability, robustness, and ease of use to unprecedented levels. Thanks to its innovative V-shaped design, the cutter ensures a flat base cut, leaving no material untouched between the drums. Unlike conventional drum cutters that traverse from side to side, causing additional wear on the carrier arm, the VC 3000 achieves the same result by moving straight ahead. This method, reminiscent of chain cutters, offers several advantages: lower weight for fuel efficiency, a simpler construction, reduced maintenance (up to 50%), and elimination of the need for overhauls. Furthermore, the risk of oil contamination is eradicated, and operation becomes exceptionally straightforward.
The VC 3000 retains the distinctive features of classic Erkat drum cutters, including robust spur gears, an adaptable high torque gear motor, and the QuickSnap retaining system for swift pick changes. Additionally, it comes equipped with the Pro bracket, guiding all hydraulic hoses through the center of the extension arm for enhanced safety. Optional mechanical and hydraulic rotatable brackets, as well as a dust-preventing water spraying system, provide further customization. The inclusion of HATCON, a monitoring system tracking operating hours, location, and service intervals, accessible via MyEpiroc on virtually any screen, enhances overall effectiveness.
As standard, VC cutters are equipped with Erkat´s unique Hexagon Picks, a new range of picks with hexagonal bodies for all types of drum cutting equipment. The hexagonal shape may sound like a simple modification but in fact it’s an ingenious industry first that will make daily maintenance easier, faster and less costly. The secret is that unsticking or replacement of the HexPicks can be done quickly and easily with a hexagon wrench. Erkat reports that HexPicks are also more durable and will last up to 20% longer than all competing products.

"Delivering solutions that empower our customers to reach new levels of efficiency and sustainability is truly rewarding. The VC 3000 is a testament to our commitment to constant innovation, redefining the landscape of trenching and quarrying,"

concludes Gordon Hambach
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Epiroc was able to expand its Tools & Attachments  division in January 2017 with the incorporation of the company Erkat. The well-known brand in the industry for over 20 years offers robust special cutting units for excavators and skid-steer loaders, which are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany. Epiroc – a world-renowned company in the construction industry – is expanding its range successfully with high-quality transverse and longitudinal drum cutters for demolition, tunnel and rock removal.

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