ER 650 – CAT 323 and ER 250 - Vio 70

Exposing rebar cages

Application details


Erkat rotary drum cutters on a job site near the European XFEL X-ray Laser facility in Hamburg

This was a project carried out by WIWA Wilko Wagner using two Erkat rotary drum cutters.  They were used for the installation of retaining walls to depths of 15 to 16m in sandy ground conditions.
An ER 650 mounted on a CAT 323D was used to expose the internal and external surfaces of the upper parts of the re-enforcement cage.  The smaller ER 250 was mounted on a Vio 70 and was used for those areas where the ER 650 was too large.

In this application, success depended to a large extent on the visual judgement and the skill of the excavator operator as it was important not to damage the steel re-enforcing bars while removing the material around the cage. 

The drum cutters were used for a period of approx. 2 weeks.


No two jobsites are alike.
The productivity depends on the material characteristics or rock hardness, the settings and condition of the carrier unit, the technical and wear condition of the attachment and the operator skills, as well as a couple of other factors. The given figures can vary based on different conditions. We reserve the right to change technical data without further notice.